Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Neglected Laura

I feel as though I haven't paid much attention to my musical choices lately. After being in a shop the other day I realised I wanted to stay in there and look around partly to do with the music that was on in the background. It was Laura Marling. After returning home I have gotten back into listening to her music again and realised just how much it has changed, matured and progressed. A fan of Laura from the very beginning, I was lucky enough to work for her when she was first signed to Virgin, now five years on, her sound has obviously changed somewhat, so I have decided to re discover Laura and her new music with her latest album "A Creature I Don't Know". Time has moved on, life has changed for everyone and I'm ready to start choosing what I want to listen to again...

I liked this short film so wanted to share it. Enjoy!

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