Friday, March 2, 2012

What's your print?

I love ROBYN! These cute little printed pants are rocking that she dances around in, her moves are too! I still have my NW3 bird printed silks which will once again be flying out of my wardrobe soon. One more outfit that I found which I wanted to share was this amazing yellow head-to-toe look, finished off with golden shoes... where do I find myself one of these?! (spotted at Milan fashion week).

You little MONKI

My shop of the week goes to MONKI! A couple of cute little purchases came in the shape of some yellow wedge boots and a pair of dainty yellow/green socks. I didn't realise that this store had a premises over here having picked up my items from their online store. However, after a trip to London I see that it has launched in the UK on Carnaby St. Bit disappointed by their store, much preferring the website feel. My boots rock though, super comfy, nice size heel and they definitely brighten up my outfits! POP!

Also loving the hats... tried them on, but just still feel too conscious of myself when wearing them. The boots will have to do for now.

Another shop falling under the H&M umbrella, Scandinavian fashion once again cheap and cheerful!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Neglected Laura

I feel as though I haven't paid much attention to my musical choices lately. After being in a shop the other day I realised I wanted to stay in there and look around partly to do with the music that was on in the background. It was Laura Marling. After returning home I have gotten back into listening to her music again and realised just how much it has changed, matured and progressed. A fan of Laura from the very beginning, I was lucky enough to work for her when she was first signed to Virgin, now five years on, her sound has obviously changed somewhat, so I have decided to re discover Laura and her new music with her latest album "A Creature I Don't Know". Time has moved on, life has changed for everyone and I'm ready to start choosing what I want to listen to again...

I liked this short film so wanted to share it. Enjoy!