Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yesterday I...

went jogging and got lost for over an hour

Something not quite right

All the following have a peculiar taste:

Tomato Ketchup (slightly tangy with hint of chilli, even Heinz)
Milk (calcium overload and way too many choices)
Bread (too sweet and life, from bread?)
Chocolate (lacking something, doesn't give you that mmmm feeling)

There are probably others too, but these are at the top of my list so far.

On a positive note, I love love the little milk bottles.
Once used, wash them out and take them to 7eleven, where they give you some money back.

Friday, January 29, 2010

$140 hair cut

Works out at about £12 and I am pretty happy with the outcome.
A new experience for us over here and I realised that perms are still popular...

Dinner afterwards at the famous establishment Chungking Mansion.

An interesting building, estimated 4,000 people living in it. On par with Rusholme's curry mile, Chungking hosts a welcoming eery feel. Guest houses, African bistros, curry houses and shops all take residence in the 17 story building. During my research I discovered that two people have been known to have died in this place; one danish tourist who was trapped during a fire and one female resident whom was killed by her partner.

The entrance to our restaurant. Yep.

***Chungking Mansion served as one of the filming locations for
Wong Kar-Wai's movie Chungking Express***

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I realized I write about food quite a lot on here...I do love food. I think it's great, it's also very easy to take photos of. Since living here, I have noticed that dining out is something of the norm. More people eat out than stay in and cook at home, this is due to lack of space and cost of food. Also, dining with friends and family is very much a social event. However, this week we made a pact to cook every night. I love cooking too. We have no oven so have to be inventive with the dishes we can prepare. Stews, bolognaise, stir-frys, soups, chilly and curry are generally on the menu. Working at the soup-kitchen has definitely helped me out.

GS took me for late night supper; Simply Thai was simply delicious. We arrived just as they were closing so had to order quick sharp, including dessert. I wasn't too bothered about anything sweet, so we ordered something to share. THANK GOODNESS WE DID. This has been my favorite meal I think, since we arrived! I have never seen such large tiger king prawns...

Our dessert was a crazy combination of passionfruit, purple sticky rice and coconut, accompanied by a fresh Lycee, ginger & white wine refreshment. Thanks GS xx

Proper China girl now

Today we had to take a trip to the immigration tower to pick up my dependency visa and also my HK ID card! I am very happy about this. People in England are objecting to having such a thing, but over here it seems to make so much sense. My two thumbprints are now stored inside a chip along with other bits of basic information on me. My full name, photograph, D.O.B and personal ID number can be found on here too. I guess "the people" are now aware of exactly where I am when I use this to travel, but to me, this smart card will make my life so much easier in HK. Being taken seriously, listened to and recognized as a HK citizen has been a struggle since my move here, I am hoping this little card will do me proud and not make me eat my words...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tutor time

This week I pick up my dependency visa. I am now fully dependent on my husband...where would I be without him?
Tutor time can also begin, planning out lessons for some little ones over here is actually pretty fun. Learning the rainbow song again, animated story telling, playing games and behaving like an animal is really not so bad. Fingers crossed my alphabet song will go down a storm and they'll enjoy the scales I have lined up for them. I'll try and get some snaps of us all in lesson too.