Friday, June 18, 2010


As the clothing market changes, so to do the charity shops. Not so long ago I used to rummage around the Oxfams, Sue Riders and Age Concerns, crammed to the door with rare finds, hunting for that something special, giving it a new home, and handing over your money knowing it was going to a good cause. I once came across a vintage Chanel quilted bag, original pair of Ray Bans and a Burberry mac. Now however, the rails are full of Primark, Top-Shop and Next cast offs. Cheap, throw away fashions that I do not wish to buy originally, let alone second hand. I am some what disappointed that Nana fashions no longer hide behind the Charity shop doors, it makes me wonder where these vintage "made in England" treats are now hiding... I guess everyone is more interested in making a quick buck. The joy of rummaging around, trying things on that smell of moth balls, finding an old hankie in the pocket of a cashmere cardi just no longer exists.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

German style

My new sandal: German style, I intend to wear them with socks, denim shorts and a vintage t. A dressed down, European outfit, to go alongside my Dutch girl look. Think back to those holidays with your parents, when your father (in my case mum's boyfriend) used to appear, wearing socks with his sandals and you would cringe... I now realize that this is the look I myself am trying to achieve! Mine are nautical navy and I have Sue Rider to thank for them.