Friday, May 20, 2011

There's a storm brewing

I have been following NY peeps on twitter recently, keeping up to date with things that are happening over there. What I am pleased to hear is that the weather has improved somewhat and a warmer climate is on the way! The last time I was in NY it was the wintery month of November and my husband and I scuttled around the chilly streets, luckily we had each other to keep warm :-) This time however the temperatures look more likely to be in the mid twenties (yah) but I see that thunder storms seem to be forecast for next week~ even the day we arrive... what happens if our plane gets caught up in lightning?? My other worry is what item of footwear will be best... I have my Swedish Hasbeens, Raspberry wedges and brogues all good to go, none of which are waterproof? The rain. The rain. It's NY and I want to look

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Burger

I have just found at that the month of May in NYC celebrates the Burger! I am so pleased to hear this as my mummy Shore likes nothing more than a good burger "I think I'll just have a Burger Milly", so I intend to really celebrate this occasion when we visit. The last time we visited NY my great strong and I ate a whole lot... I am looking forward to doing this again and trying yet more new and exciting places. I hope to have my own restaurant one day, so traveling around and experiencing new finds will no doubt help my own little venture. The Meat Packing District is home to 'Bill's Bar & Burger', I think I had the nicest burger ever here, in a new dress I had bought that day from Urban Outfitters, at a steal too! Good memories that I intend to relive, this time with sister Shore and mummy Shore. Yep, the month of May looks pretty darn good in NY!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NYC Countdown

I am now one week away from my trip to NYC.

I am carefully researching places I want to (a) visit (b) eat (c) shop
I would welcome any ideas or comments as I know people have secrets that they can share about the city...

Here are some things I am going on the hunt for:

Colourful Memories

Last night I was driving down the Manchester motorway, in the dark with the rain splish spolshing on the windscreen, I over took a little bright red Citroen 2CV... my mind was instantly taken back to my childhood summer afternoons, stood up on the backseat of my mum's red & white Citroen. Screaming at the tops of our voices, my sister and cousins "go faster, argh..." We loved it! Back then the summers seemed so long and you had no cares in the world. Now that car was fun in the warm sunny days, but let me tell you, as soon as the sun went in (or didn't even come out) it was a whole other story, I also remember waiting for 25 minutes for the car to warm up, uncomfortable seats, a crackling radio and a gear stick that looked like it could snap off any minute!
Last night however, as I speeded up (in my automatic) I actually had to put my foot down to get past the red 2CV traveling along side me, I couldn't quite believe how fast it was going!
My mum absolutely adored her little Jezzabel (that was the car's name) and I can safely say, I did too. I intend to buy one for when we have our own little family, just hiding away in the garage so that when the sun does shine, we can all jump in and make our own 2CV memories...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Vidal Sassoon: The Movie

Definitely seeing this at the weekend!

London Transport Museum

This little online shop is fab! Stocking some lovely old posters from the 1930s,
here are some of my favourites...
Prices start at £4.95 and the selection is great!

Top 3

Here are my top 3 looks for w/c 16.05 which I just spotted online and like!

Cute blouses, buttoned to the top
Neutral flats
Shorts and suits
Frilly socks with sandals
Messy hair and little make-up
Slightly scruffy but ultra girly too!