Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Colourful Memories

Last night I was driving down the Manchester motorway, in the dark with the rain splish spolshing on the windscreen, I over took a little bright red Citroen 2CV... my mind was instantly taken back to my childhood summer afternoons, stood up on the backseat of my mum's red & white Citroen. Screaming at the tops of our voices, my sister and cousins "go faster, argh..." We loved it! Back then the summers seemed so long and you had no cares in the world. Now that car was fun in the warm sunny days, but let me tell you, as soon as the sun went in (or didn't even come out) it was a whole other story, I also remember waiting for 25 minutes for the car to warm up, uncomfortable seats, a crackling radio and a gear stick that looked like it could snap off any minute!
Last night however, as I speeded up (in my automatic) I actually had to put my foot down to get past the red 2CV traveling along side me, I couldn't quite believe how fast it was going!
My mum absolutely adored her little Jezzabel (that was the car's name) and I can safely say, I did too. I intend to buy one for when we have our own little family, just hiding away in the garage so that when the sun does shine, we can all jump in and make our own 2CV memories...

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