Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Burger

I have just found at that the month of May in NYC celebrates the Burger! I am so pleased to hear this as my mummy Shore likes nothing more than a good burger "I think I'll just have a Burger Milly", so I intend to really celebrate this occasion when we visit. The last time we visited NY my great strong and I ate a whole lot... I am looking forward to doing this again and trying yet more new and exciting places. I hope to have my own restaurant one day, so traveling around and experiencing new finds will no doubt help my own little venture. The Meat Packing District is home to 'Bill's Bar & Burger', I think I had the nicest burger ever here, in a new dress I had bought that day from Urban Outfitters, at a steal too! Good memories that I intend to relive, this time with sister Shore and mummy Shore. Yep, the month of May looks pretty darn good in NY!

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