Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Customer service is so important to me and as more and more people start to buy online rather than entering into a crowded shopping centre, you are no longer face to face with a sales assistant requiring advice and help, but with an independent internet shopping search that can be quite time consuming! Although I spend a lot of my time on my computer, I think I have been rather slow on the uptake of buying clothing online. This is ridiculous really, as I sell my own little collection online and rely on sites such as Ebay and Etsy to help me along the way. So when I came to look for an outfit for friends weddings I decided to have a quick look on the internet, wow, groundbreaking news! Originally I was looking for something vintage, after nothing caught my eye I looked on ASOS. Close friends of mine do shop on here, but for some reason, I was just never all that interested. I like to find pieces hidden away, stumble across an old dress that nobody wants anymore, that has been forgotten about until I recognize the pure loveliness of it once again... sentimental old fool am I! Anyway, after looking at dress after dress on model after model, I finally came across a lovely nude silk dress. Perfect, I loved it, paid for, postage chosen (out of a possible four options - one being free which is great if can wait six days), my newbie dress arrived two days later and it was as good in the flesh as in the picture! As the weddings grew closer I started to plan my other items to go with the dress and did a little fashion show one afternoon, to my horror, I came across a small hole forming and the unraveling of thread which if I started to pull at would fall.to.pieces... The next morning I contacted ASOS via their customer service form, I stated the problem with the dress and my time schedule of three days before the wedding, what could they do? I received an email response just over an hour later apologizing for the faulty item and that they had issued an instant replacement be sent out that day, free of charge, to arrive first thing tomorrow morning. 8am this morning my buzzer woke me up and my new, perfect, silk dress has arrived! ASOS also popped in a 10% discount code for my next purchase with them in way of an apology. I don't think I can face looking at more clothing online at the moment, but when I do need something I will be sure to use them again, even if I didn't have the promotional code.
Thanks ASOS. Excellent customer service. Excellent item. I recommend. Tick.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend viewing

This weekend I caught up on some excellent classic movie watching. Plus some shopping time in the city centre where I was pleasantly surprised with what was on offer. A few hours wandering in the sunshine, nipping into shops, ending with a manic run to catch my train home!

The Notebook, I cannot believe I haven't seen this film before! I was hooked from the opening scene, the casting and on screen passion is phenomenal! The film itself looks absolutely lovely too, I just couldn't take my eyes off Rachel McAdams costumes, her style, mannerisms and little finishing touches throughout this movie are really what made it for me. The onscreen chemistry of the two lovers is electric to watch, all surrounded within the hot summer of 1940s America.


The second film I watched was Karate Kid 2, set in Japan. This was my favourite scene, I just loved the styles of both characters, the little messy pinned up hair, 50s full skirt, ankle socks with flats and cute silk blouses with simple dainty round collars. As the two run out onto the street, escaping the evil clutches of the Japanese bullies, the bright neon night lights of 80s Japan are revealed. Jumping in the get away car, the two take flight!


Shops that impressed me in the style stakes this weekend included; Cath Kidston, Jaeger Boutique and Jigsaw. The new range from Cath Kidson features some lovely little blouses and knits for autumn/winter. At Jigsaw I am hooked on the Cabbages & Roses collection. With a few little bits left in the sale, their pieces are always interesting shapes, using soft lovely materials.

As I began to think about styles for this winter, I could see some great influences for CC vintage...