Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jasmine tea

I was never really one for a cup of tea in England, however in Hong Kong, I have grown so fond of jasmine tea. This refreshing beverage is almost instantly provided as you are seated in any restaurant; big, small, cheap or expensive. I think I will miss this when I eventually return to the UK. I've recently noted the longer I stay in Hong Kong, the more my pallet learns to appreciate the different tastes on offer and I start to feel qualified to critique the food put in front of me.

My current read:
Jasmine Tea (Love in a Fallen City)
Eileen Chang

Photo: Courtesy Chen Mi Ji Cultural
Production Co. Ltd

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sweet Jane

Today we discovered a nice little place to take a rest; a high-up hideaway that lifts you out of the crowds in Causeway Bay, provides excellent peach tea and delicious ice mocha. Accidentally spotted from ground level, Sweet Jane is slightly hidden away which makes it even more appealing. When we enter we have the place to ourselves, and during our 90 minute hideout only one other table joined. Sweet Jane has a slight European feel to it, food on offer is pretty mixed although not everything on the menu is available. Surprisingly Corn Beef Hash is on there, which of course we ordered to see how it faired up against our own British comfort dish. However, after 10 minutes of ordering we were informed that the Corn Beef Hash was 'sold out'... hmmm, or did the preparation just go wrong! Anyway, sitting above the crowds, sipping our drinks in calm surroundings, sharing our Swimming Centre chips, we had an unflustered dining experience, something of a rarity in Hong Kong.

Sweet Jane
Flat 2J
Poo Foo Building
1 Foo Ming Street
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New favorite band

I haven't loved a song this much in a long long long time...

See you on the dance floor soon my Manchester friends.

My bus journey

Bus journeys in Hong Kong can be amusing. I would say that 85% of people on them fall fast to sleep. I have seen individuals drop their heads onto peoples laps, rest their heads on strangers shoulders and awake in shock to be snuggled up close to a new sleeping partner... Today however, hooray! I finally finished my Chanel book during my bus journey. This was given to me as a leaving gift from my friend Sarah and has taken me four months to read (the first few chapters are pretty hard going but once into it, I loved it). Such a thoughtful friend, she sent me the film for Christmas and I have managed to stop myself from watching this before completing my read. Tonight I shall watch the film and see how well Audrey portrays the inimitable Coco...

My bus journey was venturing back from my afternoon in central Hong Kong where I went to a little shop called Vintage HK. This spot has a selection of old and new things, bits and bats from Asia and Europe and a few items of old designer pieces too, which I love. It took me while to get around everything as it's pretty crammed in but I left having spent $40 and a smile on my face!

Tuesday's are definitely my favorite day.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hong Kong's hot egg custards...

Bakeries are filled with their sweet tastiness.
Definite recommendation.
Get them while their hot.

Temperature's soar

Hong Kong is humid today, the sun is shining (27') and the humidity is high (82'). Picking items up in your flat you notice a kind of dampness to them. It's not so nice but then it could be worse. I am happy the sun has returned.


In other news, I had my first encounter with HK scallies the other day... A scuffle in a plaza was taking place, I decided to intervene as it was happening in my walking path. One poor geeky boy was surrounded by a load of boys. I shouted, they ran. I was shaking a little bit afterwards. So Hong Kong youths are not all as innocent as I initially thought. I doubt they would enjoy making puppets.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Indoor garden

In England Sunday afternoon's could be spent 'pottering around in the garden'... This is our indoor garden. I have grown fond of our little friends, I know when they are thirsty and when they want some sunshine on their faces. I love to see them guzzle up all the water right before my eyes!