Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My bus journey

Bus journeys in Hong Kong can be amusing. I would say that 85% of people on them fall fast to sleep. I have seen individuals drop their heads onto peoples laps, rest their heads on strangers shoulders and awake in shock to be snuggled up close to a new sleeping partner... Today however, hooray! I finally finished my Chanel book during my bus journey. This was given to me as a leaving gift from my friend Sarah and has taken me four months to read (the first few chapters are pretty hard going but once into it, I loved it). Such a thoughtful friend, she sent me the film for Christmas and I have managed to stop myself from watching this before completing my read. Tonight I shall watch the film and see how well Audrey portrays the inimitable Coco...

My bus journey was venturing back from my afternoon in central Hong Kong where I went to a little shop called Vintage HK. This spot has a selection of old and new things, bits and bats from Asia and Europe and a few items of old designer pieces too, which I love. It took me while to get around everything as it's pretty crammed in but I left having spent $40 and a smile on my face!

Tuesday's are definitely my favorite day.

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