Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer selection

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No love for A Single Man

Los Angeles: tick
1960s: tick
Fashion: tick
Style: tick

All things that I love...

But something in A single man left me feeling empty. As I fidgeted my way through until the end, I realized that something wasn't quite right. Style over substance perhaps, but even the camera angles, lighting and overall look of the film started to grind me down. Having read rave reviews and been told via friends how amazing this film is, I was slightly disappointed as the final scene ran. The characters annoyed me, the continuos changing of light which altered alongside Firth's mood confused me, and the repetition of certain frames brought about a restlessness in me during viewing. I could admire the costumes, the set, the music and the beauty of the characters, yet, this did not suffice my overall outlook of the film.

Monday, June 21, 2010

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A Manchester Egg

On an evening out in Manchester I tucked into a pickled egg, coated in a pork meat and a black pudding crust, served with chutney and salad leaves. This was the perfect snack to give me some energy and take me into the night ahead. Well done Soup Kitchen for allowing a new and tasty invention in your establishment. I have never been one for black pudding, however this tasty little treat was delicious, I recommend to all.