Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a colourful piece of glass

My sister received a birthday present,
A great idea it was,
To have a piece of glass cut,
And coloured just how she loved.

After a trip to choose the style,
And another to pick her colour,
One month did pass,
The deed was done,
And Naomi had her stained glass.


Thank you Delia at Apollo Stained Glass, it's delightful!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Not in your wildest dreams...

At the weekend I got to smell the new Jo Malone fragrance, Wild Bluebell. It is delicious! I love it. They also do a candle in that scent too plus a whole range of products... Get my Christmas list ready!

See the beautiful story unwind here

"Get yer coat"

1. Cos (no price)

WoW! What a windy day, and to celebrate this wind I have started to look at new winter coats, here are some of my favs...

2. Trench by Jaeger £760

2. Just Female Cape Coat £148

3. Mac by Jaeger Boutique £250

5. Diane Von Furstenburg £795

Aztec Pattern Coat £100 ASOS

7. Wallis 60s Toffee Coat £120

8. Hobbs NW3 £239

9. Coat models own

10. Coat models own