Friday, May 20, 2011

There's a storm brewing

I have been following NY peeps on twitter recently, keeping up to date with things that are happening over there. What I am pleased to hear is that the weather has improved somewhat and a warmer climate is on the way! The last time I was in NY it was the wintery month of November and my husband and I scuttled around the chilly streets, luckily we had each other to keep warm :-) This time however the temperatures look more likely to be in the mid twenties (yah) but I see that thunder storms seem to be forecast for next week~ even the day we arrive... what happens if our plane gets caught up in lightning?? My other worry is what item of footwear will be best... I have my Swedish Hasbeens, Raspberry wedges and brogues all good to go, none of which are waterproof? The rain. The rain. It's NY and I want to look

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