Friday, June 18, 2010


As the clothing market changes, so to do the charity shops. Not so long ago I used to rummage around the Oxfams, Sue Riders and Age Concerns, crammed to the door with rare finds, hunting for that something special, giving it a new home, and handing over your money knowing it was going to a good cause. I once came across a vintage Chanel quilted bag, original pair of Ray Bans and a Burberry mac. Now however, the rails are full of Primark, Top-Shop and Next cast offs. Cheap, throw away fashions that I do not wish to buy originally, let alone second hand. I am some what disappointed that Nana fashions no longer hide behind the Charity shop doors, it makes me wonder where these vintage "made in England" treats are now hiding... I guess everyone is more interested in making a quick buck. The joy of rummaging around, trying things on that smell of moth balls, finding an old hankie in the pocket of a cashmere cardi just no longer exists.

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