Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Walk like an Egyptian

When Madonna burst onto the American Superbowl half time show, her head gear was somewhat impressive. It got me interested in all things Egyptian inspired; make up, jewels, accessories... EYELINER! I am currently perfecting my eyeliner flick, one side is always better than the other! Yesterday I came across these lovely little shoes from Urban Outfitters, I loved them! Unfortunately, they were just so uncomfortable that I am having to have a think about them. Simple to look at from the front, cut low giving a little toe cleavage (which I love) with a nice rounded toe shape, it's when you turn them round that the black panther detail springs off the heal in gold embellishment. They come in a classic black and rusty orange suede too. Priced at £35, a girl has to think is the pain really worth having pretty fashionable feet...

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