Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I think I was a little slow to discover this cool American-style diner haunt at Manchester's Spiningfields, as I see it is closing early November, but if you do have a chance to see it before it goes, then I suggest going down there for a burger and a jive, possibly a bit of bowling too! We arrived late on Saturday evening, luckily our friends had managed to battle and win a table (I think you're meant to reserve a spot), so we could be seated with a very strong cocktail and a juicy American style burger. The food took me right back to my New York trip with it being delivered in a bright red basket and friendly smiley staff! The music is a bit of a random mix, yet all good songs to have a dance to on the black and white checked dance floor. We didn't make it to the bowling alleys as I think you have to reserve a place well in advance. Unfortunately the doors closed early that night and we had to leave by 11pm, usually it stays open past midnight though. It's a cute place, shame it's not staying as Manchester needs more place like this!

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