Thursday, April 1, 2010

Summer Time Season

1st April in Hong Kong.

The official summer season has begun. Outdoor swimming pools are now open! Yah! There are so many of them scattered around HK, particularly in the New Territories area, where the air is that little bit fresher and you're surrounded by mountains. The water is pretty cool to begin with, but once you've swam a length or two you're soon nice and warm. I would definitely recommend a visit to one, so nice swimming under the sun. It's also peaceful if you go during the day in the week when all the kids are in school.

Just when I was trying out bikes for size, a collision happened right before my eyes... An elderly lady on her bike didn't stop for the green light, colliding with a Mercedes car coming round a bend. It was awful. Luckily the cyclist lady wasn't too badly hurt, thrown off her bike though and shook up. One second sooner and the consequences would have been so much worse...You have to be so careful.

I am now in two minds whether to purchase bicycles for the two of us out here. With overcrowding, people rushing and no one seems to have any spacial awareness..The cycle paths are great, but the roads are frightening!

I did however love love my little bike in the UK, maybe I should sleep on it...

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