Thursday, March 11, 2010

Window spotting

There was shouting on the square today, one middle aged lady frantically calling out. Many people take a sit down rest in that square, will sit there all... day..... long. Funny looks casted over, children whisked away. The yells sounded even more frenzied in Chinese. Now the birds have also started squawking, not to be outdone. I think the birds actually chirp nosier over here!
People of Hong Kong love to have something to look at...someone shouting in the street, a foreigner passing them by, Michael Jackson DVD being played to the public from one of the DVD shops.
I have to say I am gradually getting used to the high level of noise that takes place outside our little home. This morning when I first took a look out of my window, it was funny to see the locals staring at the lady shouting aloud in the square.... a look of puzzlement was on their faces, probably similar to my facial expression as I wander around getting caught up in the extraordinary loud conversations taking place in the street.

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