Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crafty business

My craft box!

Here's one I made earlier... I said it, I said those famous Blue Peter words! I even had a silent giggle to myself as I placed the puppets down in front of my eager pupils today. Who would have thought that working on the letter P could be so much fun! I loved our crafty lesson, the children's faces as I produced all the stickers, whiskers, glue and felt, preparation was definitely key for a smooth outcome!


After teaching we wandered around our neighborhood and then a little further-a-field. Wow, Hong Kong loves shopping. I know I've probably mentioned this before, but it is CRAZY! There are soooooooooo many shops. So many plazas. So many people looking in these tiny little shops. The shops are full of stuff too, rammed in with people, accessories, handbags, clothes, computer parts & games, trinkets, jewellery, home ware, beauty bits, sports stuff... the list is endless. If you need something, Hong Kong will have it.
Finished the day with a delicious Octopus ball, mmmm.

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