Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A trip to a gallery

My sister arrived from London at the weekend so we all decided to go to the Lowry and experience a bit of Manchester-Salford culture. I always find Salford Quays a bit of weird eerie area, never very many cars around or people, lot's of little houses and angular shaped buildings. It was the first time I had seen the new Media City which from a distance did look pretty impressive, except for the dirty tall Holiday Inn building which remained in the middle of all the shiny new builds. Anyway, off we went to Lowry to see the Andy Warhol exhibition which is running from June until September. Titled Warhol & the Diva, we see the divas Mr Warhol photographed, loved and adored. The exhibition also shows us how he brought about the term Diva on his own terms, how it affected his look(s). A projected video extract let's us into his alter ego, himself acting the Diva, trying to understand what it took to be the superstar.

"When I think back on all the beauties we knew, I realize there was something special about the way they all held their heads and moved their arms."
Andy Warhol

The exhibition isn't very long, we were there for about an hour. I left with images of Warhol in my head wearing a huge curly blonde wig, starring into his hallow eyes, fixated with his rouge lips...

We also took a look at Lowry's work, which I always enjoy to see. His collection graces the walls with it's grey tones, featuring peculiar looking faces and minimal objects. I found myself simply staring and staring...

The Sea, 1963

The Cripples, 1949

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