Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I love the magazine supplement Stella. There is some real good reading in there, along with bits of fashion.
This week they have a promotion with the website
I thought I would check it out as Stella are offering a £15 discount off any item. What a nice surprise, offer some really cool pieces at discount rates "Designer furniture straight from the makers to your home" claim to strip out the middle man allowing us to work with the designers directly (well almost as we now go through them). The cost of the items is quite a lot cheaper though, I especially love the bike range from the Hollander Collection.

Here are some of my favourite bits...

Delivery time is up to 14 weeks, which may seem quite a long time but each item is made to order and includes shipping time (which you can track along the way).

Other features on the site include a Vote system where you can have a look at what new items could be added to their range should you vote for your favourite piece, also Being Made where you can see where new items are being created across the world. These features all make the website more interactive for us, the user, pulling us in and letting us feel as though we know what is currently happening in their business... good ideas!

Maybe it's about time for a new innovative furniture team as sadly Habitat waves it's white flag?

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