Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hells Kitchen Flea Market NYC

Those New Yorkers really know how to do it! During our visit we went by three FM in total. All of which were phenomenal! I guess the UK equivalent would be our Sunday morning car-boot sales, yet these markets were full of amazing items, racks and racks of real vintage clothes, costume jewellery, artwork, second hand vintage designer pieces, trinkets galore! It was never ending. I could have bought so much but had to think how I would get it all back over here, therefore we picked up an original 1950s vintage Samsonite tan leather case and also a larger 1960s suitcase, which unfortunately got damaged when checked in on our return. We filled our new cases with an amazing chestnut brown fur cape, an 1940s fur trimmed coat (which I love to pieces and feel lovely in everytime I put it on), quirky little wool jumpers for winter to keep me warm, a longer length floral peasant dress, and other bits and bobs too including vintage toys and silver jewellery.

With the stunning NYC back drop, the buildings surrounding all the little flea spots and the sunshine shining down on you, Hells Kitchen is my favorite market to date.

Here is a link for more info on the flea market on west 39th street.

Also a link to their blog Flea Speech!

And one more link full of flickr snaps that give you more of an idea.

NYC flea markets c'est fantastique!


If only I had spotted this bag as I would have loved this little reminder...

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  1. Hey CC!

    Great photos! Sounds like you found some good stuff.