Thursday, November 11, 2010

F.O.O.D. NYC Style

I know people go on and on about food in America, but seriously the portions are huge. Gigantic in fact, food for giants! Let's just say I bet my weight has increased since being there! I am not ashamed to say, I LOVE FOOD. Cooking, eating, smelling... I enjoy the fun and chat that surrounds it. NYC had so much food to offer us, deciding where we wanted to eat each day was difficult as everywhere looked good. I have a real love for diners too, I want my own one day! We managed to squeeze in two diner trips and one take-out, plus cheesecake in Little Italy, french toast in Manhattan, Shanghai dumplings in China Town, world class pizza in Brooklyn, cob salad and meatloaf in Soho, anniversary breakfast room service (blueberry butter-milk pancakes), Bill's for delicious burgers and chili, fresh coriander grilled tuna @ Aspen Social Club and a few stop offs at hot-dog stands along the way. It's New York, that's what you do!

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