Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Geometric Jewels

I am not a massive jewellery wearer, but I do like to appreciate it on others. It can alter the overall look of an outfit, changing something from day to night, but I do still firmly believe that less is more, which I believe stems down from my mothers jewellery choices when I was growing up.
When I got engaged I was very lucky to be presented with a stunning vintage sapphire diamond ring. This means more to be that anything, and it's quite a significant piece for my hand. I therefore when look at other pieces to wear, go for simplicity, nothing too detailed or overly fussy. So when the angular jewels started appearing online and in shops, I was very happy. The shapes and clear lines that they present I believe make them easy to wear. They can take a fussy print fueled outfit, to look slick and almost clinical. Everything just seems to look a whole lot neater, which in my overly excessive constant tidying mind is always a good thing.

Here are some of my favourite pieces:


ASOS marketplace

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