Monday, March 12, 2012

My Marni Purchase!

Well Marni hit H&M last week and although I did happen to be working that day, I strolled up on my lunch break to take a look. By 3pm the crowds had died down and so had the collection! I did however walk away with the print coat. A staple piece for my wardrobe, this lovely jacket will be perfect for the weddings that are filling up my 2012 diary! The shape is super, the print, bold but not too in your face and the sleeve length makes it good for spring/summer. My COS employee discount came in a treat too. My friend purchased two amazing necklaces, the white flower one being my fav. Unfortunately that is now selling on Ebay for twice the price, if not more. It does my head in that people actually get away with buying lots and selling it online to make money, and not being an actual fan of Marni... I am all for entrepreneurial skills, but that's just not fair. Here is Winona Ryder looking great in my new piece

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