Friday, January 27, 2012

Antique Hunt

I love going around little villages, scouring for antiques, jewellery, furniture and clothes. Recently I have been to these two lovely places: Memories in Ramsbottom and the GB Antiques Centre in Lancaster. About an hours drive from Manchester, GB Antiques has room upon room full of big pieces of furniture, to little rails of clothes hidden away and few pieces of jewels. Memories on the other hand has cases and cases of rare jewellery, art deco pieces, beautiful broaches, toys, books, china and more trinkets that you can imagine! Two floors crammed full of bits and pieces. Memories also has the cutest team members, I loved the little nana's working away in there, talking about the steak dinners and what they had for their lunch! Even if you don't leave with a purchase, you can secretly learn about bacon ribs and where to get the best piece of steak in Ramsbottom!

I picked up two pairs of statement earrings for my 2012 collection! A pair that make me want to go POP and that reminded me of Prada's brightly coloured fruit inspired earrings from 2011. Plus a bronzed pair with little black beads to glam up my simple plain classic outfits.

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