Sunday, October 9, 2011

My new models

I was so happy to receive a call off my close friend, just in the nick of time as I was about to spend money on mannequins. Starting out on a market stall is proving costly and my little weekly wage does not stretch far! So when I got the call saying three lovely models were about to be dumped on the doorsteps of the bin men, I jumped at the chance of cleaning them up and using them for my Manchester Market. What can I say, they are very well behaved, don't question any of the outfits I put them in, and don't mind being taken to pieces and stored in my car-boot!

I am really looking forward to Friday and Saturday this week at the Vintage Fashion Fair in Piccadilly. I have been working frantically away since I returned from HK, cleaning, hanging, pricing, merchandising and labeling, I just hope the weather doesn't ruin all my hard work...

At the moment none of the new items are online, so this will be the preview of the lovely new blouses, also have some great polka-dot printed trousers and cute Chanel-style jackets. Once I have some free time I will start listing some items on my eBay and Etsy accounts too.

Anyway, here are my ladies!

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