Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Channa Horwitz

I recently came across a piece of artwork by the artist Channa Horwitz. After doing some research I became more and more fascinated by her. Aged 79 years, her work spans over five decades featuring beautiful abstract drawings often presented on simple mathematical graph paper. Her work, which for the past 50 years has almost gone unnoticed still looks so timeless. One quote which I found from Horwitz "I always hoped that somebody would find my work, and even if not, I tried to keep it all together and organized so that after I died it could be discovered - or not,"

I have a real love for elderly people, especially my nana. I am so close to her, so in tune with everything that is happening in the world today, from the riots and the wars to the new Maybelline lipstick that has just come out. I think that's why I loved the work of Channa so much, in someways it's sad that it's only now that her work is getting recognized by the world, but then at the same time its brilliant, as it is now that she can produce her own interesting exhibitions, on her terms. Herself, learning along the way "Exhibiting takes up a lot of time, and you produce things for a specific show. I've always had the freedom to explore in any direction I wanted to go, so it's been a very linear progression for me, one step at a time."

Secretly completing her work, with a first husband that discouraged her from making art, Horwitz's modest attitude and fascinating ideas, makes her work even more appealing to me.

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