Thursday, February 10, 2011

The fashion line-up

As the sun shines and springtime comes into view. Pastel hues and block colours leap from my wardrobe and tiny snow drops pop their little heads above the dewey grass. As CC Vintage kick starts her springtime sales and yellow_polkdots features an array of colourful blouses(what's left of them) the Guardian's fashion line-up high lights a little spread in support of my chosen pieces...

"The fashion line-up: Blouses

"It's time to welcome your wardrobe star for spring: the blouse. Thanks to the Phoebe Philo effect, its sparse, minimal qualities are now its biggest virtues. Choose a plain colour, wear it billowing and revel in the simplistic chicness of it all. Don't complicate matters with fussy jewellery. If you must decorate yourself opt for a pussy-bow style, plain lace or a button detail – so much more refined"

You can read the full article here

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