Friday, January 21, 2011

Hasbeens for H&M and for ME!

I LoVE this little collection and cannot wait for it to land in H&M in April, another reason for Spring time to hurry itself along!

This is what the label had to say...

"We have a strong belief in making better shoes for a better world," Blixt said. "We want to make fashion more fun, creative and friendly to both the environment and people. We have loved designing for H&M! It's a fantastic opportunity to spread the idea of Hasbeens and make these shoes available to more people around the world."

And this I also LoVE!

The shoe label Swedish Hasbeens (also has a wicked site, worth checking out) will bringing three styles of it's clog range to around 150 stores. They will be somewhat cheaper than their current range too, yippee!

Last year my little Clarks Clogs saw me through my summer time, so I shall be sticking with the same 70s Nordic vibe I think!

Roll on Spring/Summer!

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