Monday, August 2, 2010

Colour makes people happy

Last week it was Leo, this week it is London that get's my love.

After a long weekend in the capital, celebrating sister's birthday, shopping, eating, drinking and dancing, we stumbled across a lovely enchanting place! I have since spent my time, trying to explain just what this special shop/studio/home really is. All I can say is that I loved this space, as soon as I saw the colourful clogs hanging on the walls and dangling from the ceilings (as aeroplanes) I was hooked. The beautiful bicycle parked up outside also threw it for me!
In we went to be greeted by an array of clogs, everyone a different colour, every pot of paint you could imagine, some made from milk, some were magnetic and my favourite one "dog biscuit" (as it was that exact colour).
Personal wall papers, each designed specifically for a client (one girl is opening a bike shop so has her very own bicycle wall paper), red telephone boxes, the double decker bus, all typically English things.
Another thing I loved were the birds sitting on top of buildings, perched on TV ariels, these too were wall papers.
We even got a sneeky look through the door, where we got a little tour of the rest of the building that went on for what felt like forever. A striped blue narrow path way that opened up into an arched space (currently under renovation). The transformation of a new kitchen space was AMAZING! Bright colours, little arch ways, tiny windows, 50s kitchenette.
I definitely recommended a visit to this place, they specialise in eco-friendly paint by Dofine, but do so much more too!

The new Dofine shop in London
Bringing you colours by Siecle and much more!


53 Grove Vale
SE22 8EQ
Telephone 0207 207 1120
E Mail


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