Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pancake Colours

To find a cool place to eat, you often have to look UP in Hong Kong. As most things are hidden away and out of eye level. After some evening wandering and late night shopping (one Club Monaco coat for me), we were handed a leaflet for a place called "Pancake Colours". Sometimes it's nice when the decision is made for you, so we went with it! Crammed into yet another little lift, 4th floor please. Hello Pancake Colours... greeted by a mass selection of board games, colourful lighting, fancy seating and pretty decadent surroundings, it was a cool mix of pieces. "Would you like the party chair" of course I would! My seat moved, swizzled, bounced and had balloons stuck to the top of it. Perfect. Pancake Colours has a variety of food on offer, we went with lots of little dishes to share and a nice lemon soda to wash it all down, which was super nice! Good value, good service and interesting cool surroundings.

Pancake Colours
1 Great George Street
4/F, Island Beverley
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

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