Saturday, February 6, 2010

A knock at the door

I took these pictures over a week ago and now I have a tale to put with them. Hong Kong housing is somewhat different to UK living quarters, the buildings are so tall, usually pretty narrow and home so many HK citizens per block. It amazes me just how high they go... Our building is 6 stories high therefore, doesn't have a lift - this means we get to climb 88 steps to get to our own front door! (Buildings in Hong Kong only have lifts when over six stories high and that's the rule). Ah, rules, that brings me on to my story... Today I was sat at my computer minding my own business when there was knock at the door (this doesn't happen so often), I jumped up, opened my door to be greeted by three members of the police, to which they asked me "why is this door open"? pointing at the exterior metal sliding door, "well I didn't realize it had to be closed", "well it does, shut it", "why"?, "safety, burglaries, shut it now", "sorry", and I shut the door. My main door was closed, locked and I was home, now both are shut tight and I'm still inside making it hard for anyone to get in or get out! I guess I should appreciate the thoughts of the police, putting my safety first, patrolling the building for any mischievous goings on, however, I feel somewhat trapped now, locked in my own flat. I wonder if this is how others feel?

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