Saturday, January 23, 2010

CC & GS make the two month mark

CC & GS have been in HK for two whole months. Still exploring new places, but settling nicely. Made some new friends, learnt some new words and tried some new food. It's not been easy. Tears have been cried. But hearing from friends and family at home makes them smile. Highlights of the trip so far include; Hot Pot, NYE, Mountain trail, minced pork & tofu, stew time, fusion food restaurant, Fringe Club roof garden, counting song in cantonese, cow skin rug, family arrivals, high waisted jeans & american apparel shorts, simply Thai, Kimmy visit, skype and my new shiny macbook.

On the agenda next...tutoring.


Generally hanging out with each other and BEING MARRIED tops it all though!


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